thought, form

& emotion

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It is because of the collective field, that we come to experience the same emotions again and again, across time and culture. They exist much like thought forms, as archetypes that have their blueprint in the function of the field. This field is the fabric from which organisms unfold, it is how an oak tree seed can become an oak tree, through the memory vibration (archetypal patterns) that can be resonated with and unfolded from, in to form. It may be more accurate to say that we are the vehicle through which these age-old elements are being expressed. Their source however is in-formation from the collective field, which is itself our own substance of being, expressed magnificently; in magnification, from the inner to the outer. This is the morpho-holographic inverse nature of reality.


Cymatics,  (see sound, vibrations & consciousness) is the visual expression of how organisms may attune to certain frequencies, displaying increasingly complex geometric arrangements as the vibration of sound increases in the ether. Ego may also be of a similar source, woven together through emotional vibration to form our matrix of self. Our challenge as a collective is to experience and transcend in order to evolve. It is not a coincidence that despite there being millions of people in the world, there are much fewer patterns of recognisable personalities that emerge again and again.  

Emotions are the colours of life, of human experience.... the distortions of what is otherwise, pure light. These distortions enrich our learning experience and give us the ability to connect with the different frequencies that pure Light is being emitted through. E-motion is purposeful, it moves you, from one state to another.


thought, form & emotion

archetypal tarot

The emotional shapes we find ourselves fitting in to are not our creation, but extrapolation of evolving archetypal social memory. These archetypes were depicted in the original tarot, which reflect the embodied potential of emotional reacivity as characters and symbols. Indeed, the tarot was used as a journey of self-transcendence, to discover which archetypal forces of the individual's psyche are most dominant at a given time, for they have very real effects. Perhaps is through electromagnetic resonance that we pick those very cards that are valid for our situation at a given time. However, without honouring their function, we are not afforded the awareness to break free of the cycle. While these forces are not our responsibility to ‘fix’, they ARE our responsibility to be truthful to; to acknowledge, to process and transcend. This is achieved through for-giving.


To for-give = to pass over, not to take as your own; not adopting emotional reactivity as who you really are just because we are experiencing it that moment, rather to acknowledge it as a temporary movement, so that it can disperse and become something else.