Mind, matter and meaning

As more information on the internet is emerging, bridging science with spirituality, it is noted that this common union can be taken in two directions. One which tries to deny the meaningful purpose of our conscious experience, slowly reducing the definition of what it is to be human. The other which experiences and honours the potential, the function as well as the mechanics of our physical and subjective reality.


Some mainstream scientistific perspectives view evidence of the brain and its magnificent abilities, as an argument for not needing to study the psyche. For what is the value of our subjective experience when everything can be explained using mechanics? If our subjective experience can be controlled, what is the point of knowing more about it? The point is, through the observation of mechanics alone, without consdering function through subjective experience, the potential for human life is not honoured, rather events and phenomenon are labeled without understanding the other dimensions of experience this observed event also exists within.


The consequences of reducing experience to chunks of knowledge is the same as reducing a painting to its individual lines and curves. There is an holistic presence, defined through the arrangement of matter that reveals a metaphysical shape to our reality. Spirituality is about acknowledging, honouring a vaster context than words can sometimes express.


Mainstream science is currently at the stage of the 'mind-body' problem. Our subjective experience is functional, but our brains are mechanical. How can the two coexist in unity as they do? How are body and mind able to interact if they are two different things? One answer is that the mind exists as fields of potential outside of and within our energetic environment. We tune in to this field using the brain, which filters information and creates our own 'take' on events. But the realm from which our physical bodies have unfolded from, may well be an inner dimension.


We can use many terms to describe the mechanics of something, we can give labels to phenomenon in order to ease our insecurity for not understanding them further. Yet, neither labels nor mechanics explain the purpose of some thing. For example, purely focussing on how a clock ticks, rather than the function of a clock. In some cases, this purpose may never fully be realised. Perhaps this is part of the human journey as we grow in awareness of self and other.


For me, there is no 'mind-body problem' we have been looking at it the wrong way round. Instead of there being a 'ghost in the machine', it is the inverse (read here). Our bodies are the machines within an energy structure of physical fields, like nodes on a vibrating string popping in and out of existence through waves of consciousness. If anything the problem could be called the Machine in the Ghost and is resolved by by understanding that we are both the machine and the ghost, depending on the devices used to determine the measurements.


Mind and matter are two sides of the universal coin, but if you disregard mind we will be without meaning.

A human being without meaning, may as well be a zombie. For this reason a spiritual science is essential for the peaceful development of all societies.


Consciousness is information, in-formation. It has direction and purpose much like the narrative of a film. We are the vehicles for this story to progress.


Spiritual science