sound, vibration & consciousness

Sound, vibration & consciousness

Cymatics is the visual expression of how particles attune to certain frequencies, displaying increasingly complex geometric arrangements as the vibration of sound increases. The same principles apply to our body and mind.


We live in an energetic, interconnected spacel a chaotic fluidity, vibrating at different frequencies throughout the day in resonance with our inner & environmental world.


Words are vibrational forms, they are like units of matter in the sense that they pop in to existence in the morphic field through our extrapolation and creativity with the collective consciousness. They are visual images, knowledge, intentions and meaning. Our intentions have sound, this is the basis of neural prosthetics after all.


The sounds of our intentions, thoughts and the vibration at which the images we conjure up resonate, shape the world we live in. Our awareness of how vibration manifests form, enables us to cultivate wisdom. We can learn to live with compassion and wisdom, because we can see how our reality is alive through form and we understand how this plays out at different levels of human interaction.

beautiful earth picture

The Harmony of the Spheres is Pythagoras's depiction of the relation between harmonic intervals and the spatial distance of planets in relation fo earth.


The earth, being a living, breathing organism herself pulsates at a specific frequency. The Schumann Resonance is the frequency within the cavity of the peaks and troughs of earth's own frequency. We, as fractals of the universe, emit our own vibrational frequencies that are a product of, and reflect within, earth's natural harmonic. Assagioli is a Transpersonal Psychologist who has studied and practiced the use of music therapy for restoring the body's harmonic resonance.

Vibrational requencies can be expressed through colour as much as sound.  This is what gives us the electromagnetic spectrum depicted in the Chakra symbolism as vortices of spinning energy. Given the interconnected nature of consciousness, the collective society tunes to the most prominent frequency, but our fractal-like nature means that once we start tuning ourselves as individuals, the whole society will benefit. There are theories that suggest once a critical mass of people transform in a given way, this transformation will be an open capacity for the rest of the species.


Movement is oscillation and oscillation is vibration. What we think, is vibration, what we speak is vibration. It is not energy transfer, but energy transform that is key to understanding how our interconnection plays out. Signals are not necessarily sent through space and time (see parapsychology), which has been the approach with a cause and effect-based science.


Rather, we may be dealing with information TRANSFORM rather than TRANSFER. This may be the key to nonlocal phenomenon such as extra-sensory perception and its theoretical counterpart, quantum physics. At low levels of analyses we find things invert from linear cause and effect to holographic holistic behaviour; whereby every part and every change to every part is reflected in the whole. As Krishnamurti said, individual = indivisible/undevided.


It is through this transformation that one shape can become another, that one way of thinking can become another, how the collective consciousness can change from one of reactivity, defense, conflict and war, to one of response, openness, acceptance and awe.


Morphic fields are the medium through which living organisms resonate, the web of consciousness plucked to different manifestations, like nodes on a string. This is the unfolding and enfolding that physicist, David Bohm talks of in his book The Implicate Order.


As mini creators of our world, we feed in to the collective field, we add to it and build upon it with our energy structures of thought and the movement of e-motion that vibrates the collective potential, ready for expression through the form that is the human body.  In this dimension, we see how matter unfolds. We see it all in separate stages, in order to see how it becomes one; a reflection of the inner to the outer. In this way we learn about who we are and how we can create in this world. For all life is creation.


Ego may operating in the same that cymatics has shown. It is not a coincidence that despite there being millions of people in the world, the same types of personalities appear again and again, across culture. Our challenge as a collective is to experience and transcend in order to evolve. The shapes we find ourselves fitting in to therefore, are not our creation, but extrapolation of age-old archetypal patterns.


The characters & symbolism of the Tarot are based on this understanding. As such the Tarot is very much a journey of self-transcendence. These archetypal forces, or shapes, are not our responsibility to ‘fix’, but to acknowledge, to process and transcend. To be truthful to, by noticing (rather than denying) and to for-give.


To for-give = to pass over. Not to take it as your own. To hand over what is not your responsibility to resolve, but to dissolve in the acceptance and compassion of it; the forgiveness of it. To do this peacefully, you must have trust in your core self, not adopting the reactive shape as who you are just because we are experiencing it that moment, but to acknowledge it, so that it can disperse and become something else.