quantum physics, parapsychology & the nature of our interconnection

The way in which I have approached these studies is with the understanding that most traditionally understood 'forces' such as gravity or electromagnetism are just 'terms', pieces of vocab and express mechanics more than meaningfulness. What are these forces, metaphysical by nature and how do they interact with the psyche as part of our holistic natural world?


I suggest that the invisible fields that form the basis of physics may be the vehicle through which we perceive, influence and experience our lives on a day to day basis, at an unconscious level.


We are living in one big alchemical soup of energetic activity. So, just like baking a cake, the interaction of two expressions of energy will produce two distinct characters. The question who am I? becomes who I am. Fluidity, not rigidity as we draw from and breathe back in to this field.


The Secret Life of Plants is a television documentary which demonstrates how plants will respond energetically to the intentions of a human being in their immediate environment. When we look at nature we see fractals, which are patterns that repeat again and again as the organism has unfolded through its memory blueprint.


The science implies that we are living within a web of energetic relativity, whereby one person on one side of the world can communicate extrasensorily with another person on the other side of the world, through the power of intention. The emotional body could be described as the fuel for such intention to manifest and is very relevant to ESP research.


I share the opinion of Rupert Shedlrake and others, that the brain is a filtering device, a vehicle, a tuning mechanism that receives and broadcasts information from and to a wider shared field of unconscious information. In other words information in potential, that which is waiting to manifest. We draw from and breathe back in to this field.


Parapscyhology and the nature of our interconnection

There are an array of scientific studies offering evidence for the existence of phenomenon such as ESP (extra sensory perception) and distant intentionality (distant healing, remote influence). Researchers include Rupert Sheldrake and Dean Radin, amongst others.


There is reliable, replicable evidence from randomised, controlled laboratory studies that demonstrate the effects of prayer and distant healing on the recouperation of living organisms, including human astrocyte cells. Even machines can be influenced by the power of the human mind, demonstrated by studies using Random Number Generators (RNGs).