We share in a fundamental lifesource, that transforms in to our self awareness as consciousness. Layers within layers, each fundamentally an expression of the whole. This is perhaps how both music and language emerged sponatneously across different cultures around the same time, through archetypal patterns that shape our manifestation from a unified form, or 'common sense'. Such an archetypal field is the central feature of scientific concepts proposed by Rupert Sheldrake (such as Morphic Fields and the hypothesis of Formative Causation).


Studies have shown that a person's ability to perceive an ambiguous image is enhanced when the same image has already been perceived by other people elsewhere at an earlier time. The universal field that we attune to and experience as our own, resonates to the vibration of our individual and collective potential. An example of this from the material world would be cymatics.  In cymatics,  matter arranges itself,  through physical resonance with frequencies of sound.


The possibility of archetypal Morphic Fields means that as each human being becomes more compassionate, so too will other human beings find this capacity within themselves. We may exist as a collective. Compassion literally manifests in the physical vibrations of our own individual being, effecting and being affected by the consciousness that emerges collectively and as a dynamic interplay of each individual.


The more individuals use their capacity for empathy and compassion, the more they are also clearing the path for others to find the same mode of being in the world. To literally re-member our species so that we can surpass the difficulties that have created suffering.









Spirit matters, thought creates, mind manifests. Because we draw from the same collective field, because we share interconnection, the topic of compassion becomes significant to our human evolution.


While you did not create the full state of play, you do feedback in to the fields with your own contribution. So, make your contribution one that breathes acceptance, forgiveness and wisdom of yourself in to the world, so that when you meet the opposite in your mirror image, you will not be so fearful of it, lest react to it. For all defense, all retaliation is born from a state of insecurity.  Acceptance of self allows the same frequency to be resonated with, by the other. This is how we can evolve together. Compassion is acceptance, which is unconditional love, when practiced completely. 


It is interesting that peak experiences such as insight and music-induced and fear-induced chills, are thought of as the experience of two opposing forces consciousness that happen simultaneously. Usually, in the cognitive world, this cannot happen. For example, we cannot see two pictures in an optical illusion at the same time, yet we can experience both sadness and love simultaneously; our visual perception rests upon two individual images that are combined to produce a three dimensional image. When each ear is presented with a single tone, the ears actually hear a third tone, much like the colours that fall between the primary funamentals,  are a combination of those above and below, depicted beautifully by the arrangement of the chakras.


When we are insecure we are in fear, when we are in fear we will do almost anything to control our world.  The Big Brother culture is a reflection of this fear; our insecurities as we live more from the mind than the heart. The decreasing sense of trust within our society is the result. With increasing insecurity we rely upon the external world more and more to gain a sense of self in the absence of honouring our heart connection. Greed and the demand for other people to take responsibility for our experience of the world are the result. Yet I do trust, that everything has its transcendent dimension, even those things, because everything has evolutionary purpose/function.


The more we overcome our own fears as individuals, the more others will find the capacity within themselves to do the same. Compassion is the key to this task.


compassion & evolution


Compassion is empathising with another’s suffering with an open heart and the ability to accommodate the experience with peaceful acceptance. This act in itself is and emerges as, a desire to help the emotional experience transform.


Compassion is an abstract signifier of our interconnection. Our interconnection is a scientific reality, defined by the human ability to entrain and resonate with externally and internally-triggered stimuli, such as those that govern sleep-wake cycles, or our automated capacity for body mirroring at a subconscious level and the empathy we can feel when watching other people's emotions. It is this same connection with others that explains why we come to build destructive defence mechanisms that block our natural flow of kindness and compassion. These defences are created through fear of an unwanted emotion. This fear only exists in the absence of knowing our inner connection.


Yet there exists the possibility for developing healthy boundaries that are at the same time compassionate, that do not separate self from others, rather come to respect our commonality and appreciate how this contributes to our unique expression of this commonality. The way of peaceful acceptance culminates through compassionate mindful practices."