Wisdom is in

facilitating insight

"Sometimes it is difficult to 'accept' what 'is', because this implies that we cannot change something. This is misunderstanding the meaning of acceptance.


Acceptance is not the opposite of change, it is the opposite of defence.

This defence is a resistance to what 'is'.


Acceptance therefore is a facilitator, a medium for change to actualise.


Acceptance is recognition with insight, to face the truth of some thing. Acceptance is welcoming what is there, not denying it, so you can respond (rather than react), through wisdom.


Acceptance is letting the river flow, which in itself implies change. You are the river and the defences and only with flow can you master this activity.


Through acceptance, flows compassion.


" Much like the crystals that surface,

after the wave washes over the shore,

when allowing what is already there to be there,

the sensations we know to come and pass, 

with this a little wisdom is left with us."

compassion flows through acceptance